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It is important for you to inform your followers about how your product is going to work for them. People like to be taught and will watch the videos that are intriguing to them. So, you want to teach and to educate, as you are building the Vine videos you are going to post to your followers as well. In the “Educate Your Followers” chapter of the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Vine, you will learn how to get started with your Vine content and will learn how to educate followers while intriguing them to buy at the same time.

1. What Does it Do?

Show what the product is capable of; what can it actually do and how will it improve their lives? Answer some questions, and show the product in action so that it is going to give your followers some concrete proof of what the product line is really going to do for them. When you teach the different facets of a product, it will intrigue them to learn more about the rest of it and how it is going to work for them if they choose to buy that new product line. 

2. How Can it Be Used?

Show more than one way your product or services can be used. Short video tutorials, which are developed by those who know what they are doing and how to showcase a product, can greatly help you sell a product. So, use your Vine videos to create that short teaching segment; it not only gives people information they can use, but is also a fun way to show how your product is capable of more than the competitors’ products are going to be able to do for your followers.

3. Teach Something New

If you can use your Vine videos to give them something fun and new, why not do it? People are always looking for new ways to do things, or different ways in which they can use a particular product. This is your chance to teach and show them what and how they can do it, and is your chance to teach them something they were not aware of when it came to the product or your business. You can use the short six second clip to teach something intriguing in a fun manner that people are going to enjoy watching as well. 

It is a good opportunity to keep people interested; as you are only making a six second clip, you have to properly develop them to ensure the message is properly received. But, when you can teach people something in a short span and in a fun way, they are going to appreciate it and they are going to use it in so many ways they were not aware of. With your Vine videos, you do have the opportunity to teach them something new, you can show them how great your product is, you can show them how it is going to outdo the competition and you can keep their attention as it is only a short six second clip.

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Issa Asad is the best-selling author of four eBooks. He is an expert in social media strategies and SEO techniques and has over 15 years of experience in the technology, marketing and telecommunications industries.

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  • thank you for this helpful article. People should really take advantage of the social media apps like these in educating someone specially teenagers.

  • Interesting points, good to see that you are providing concrete proof of what the product line can do for a client, social media impacts so much these days.

  • Yeah i like your way very much. People are bored with the same way they are taught. Let us show them some interesting way where they learn as well as get fun. It’s a brilliant way.

  • I want to learn social media marketing and SEO techniques. This article is very informative for a newbie for me. Issa Asad’s e-book has unique and simple method to learn how to get started with vine content and to satisfy followers.

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