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Issa Asad Shares 5 Weird and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Over a billion people look at social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram to be aware of the latest trends and news happening around the globe. These platforms help businesses stay visible through the use of on-site advertisements, which in turn can bring traffic to the online sellers and websites where the content is being delivered.

However, social media platforms are just a medium to bring traffic to your website, and at the end, you may need to do something unique to ensure once someone is at your website, they remain there, and buy your product. It is all about retention and driving.

“Being weird and thinking out of the box to gather the attention of the audience, is what effective social media marketing is all about,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the author of 4 social media marketing and ecommerce marketing e-books on Amazon, and is the CEO of Q Link Wireless, Quadrant Holdings, and Bond Media. “Unless several defend approaches are taken, it may be hard to fully appeal to a wide range of audiences.”

Here, Issa Asad shares 5 weird and effective social media tips:

1. Make Your Tweets Visually Appealing

The use of different colors, words, symbols and emoji can make your tweets visually appealing. Since tweets cannot extend more than 140 words, they need to give the right message in the least words possible. It can also include having some form of images to aid your tweet to give the right message, in a visually appealing manner.

2. Make Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups help users connect with the business or website directly, by getting notifications whenever something new is posted on Facebook. Facebook groups, in short, can help generate traffic in a more linear manner, where sharing one form of update is visible to thousands of others. Try engaging your readers in a string of comments to be more visible in the feed as algorithms show the most recent commented news or posts first.

3. Keep a Call-to-Action Button

Cal to Action buttons do not mean an immediate action needs to be taken, like signing a petition to get an animal freed, but it allows users to move to the next set of actions that the website wishes them to do. For example, the website Freelancer, has many action buttons, such as Get Free Quotes, Become a Freelancer and Post a Project to help members and readers take an action. These new actions start a string of content that is visible as per the action was taken. The color, text, and placements of these action buttons should be precise and well thought, else they may be of no benefit.

4. Use Different Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing involves being visible at most of the social media platforms. Currently, these may include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, and even on professional networks such as LinkedIn. They all cater to different type of audience and may need a different set of dynamics to gather attention.

5. Brag About Your Business Qualities

Maybe your business is honest, good at selling chocolates, or has a variety of nutrition products. Unless you brag about them and make your qualities visible, you cannot stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of chocolate sellers, but you are the best because you are showing it to people as part of your marketing push.

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Issa Asad is the best-selling author of four eBooks. He is an expert in social media strategies and SEO techniques and has over 15 years of experience in the technology, marketing and telecommunications industries.

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