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If you are using the Vine platform, you have to use it properly if you want to keep your followers intrigued. One such way for you to keep them interested is to show them your product as it is going to work once it is fully completed. You want to give them ideas of how it can and should be used, and how it will help them better their lives. In this “Show Your Products in Action Using Vine” chapter of the e-book, Issa Asad Instant Profits with Vine, you will learn how to show your products in action; these are three sections from the chapter of the e-book.

1. How it Works

One way to show your product in action is to show how it actually works in your video clips. You can show what it is capable of doing, how it should be used and where it can come in handy for your followers. When they see how it will better their lives, and help improve their lives, they are going to become more interested in actually purchasing and in using the new product itself.

2. How it will Better Their Lives

People buy new products because it makes their life easier. New smart phones make communicating easier; new GPS devices allow you to get places faster. So, in creating your Vine videos, show how your new product is going to work in a way that it will better the users’ life. How will it improve their day to day tasks, and how can it help them better the work they do? Showing them the benefits is a great way to interest those who are watching your new video posts.

3. What is it Capable Of?

When showing your product in action, show what it can do above and beyond what similar products do. So, if it is a new pair of sneakers, how are they going to make you run faster or jump higher than a competitor’s product? Or, how will the new smart phone outdo what other smart phones are already doing out in the marketplace? Show how your product is bigger and better than the competitors, and show your followers why they must have the new product that you are going to deliver to them as it is capable of much more than the current products they can purchase on the market from your competitors in your field.

Vine videos allow you to show how great your product really is. When you show your products in action, not only does it give the follower an idea of what it can do, but also how it is better than other products that are similar. Furthermore, it is going to allow you to show them how the product will better their daily lives as well. Doing this will not only spark an interest in your followers, but will also get them excited, talking about your product and spreading positive word of mouth to others about it even before the product is ready to be sold in the marketplace to your consumers.

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